• Project description


    Metatheoretical investigation of the criteria of adequacy of scientific communication to the general public

    The project aims to answer the question of whether scientific communication to the general public is possible while redefining the concept of scientific literacy on epistemological grounds and shaping an interdisciplinary theoretical framework within which the research will provide the criteria of adequacy of this specific communication and the basic theoretical norms that should optimize this complex process.

    The project starts with a theoretic-formal approach of the popularized scientific text in its mere linguistic-logic-epistemic form, independent from the level of education of the reader. The idea is to identify a certain "epistemic-readability" logic of such a text, which should make it intelligible and understandable (concepts to be defined adequately) under the constraints imposed by journalistic style. This approach toward adequacy is metatheoretical and involves, along with educational and cognitive sciences, philosophical disciplines such as logic, epistemology, and philosophy of science and of language, which, given the optimization goal, would become effectively applicative.

    After acquiring the optimization model of a scientific text within the theoretic-formal stage, the project can be developed further toward the application and implementation of practical results into the activity of the entities providing non-classical forms of science education, namely science periodicals and 'e-learning' platforms.


  • Research team

    Dr. Catalin Barboianu (Philosophy of Science, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language, Logic), principal investigator

    New openings will be announced with the development of the project.

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