• The recommended web resources below are selected, verified and currently used by our team and members. They were selected on the criteria of relevance, functionality, traffic, responsiveness, volume of entries, and free registration and usage. They are especially recommended for students and early career academics, but they are useful to researchers of any level.

  • Researchgate - researchgate.net

    ResearchGate is a professional network for scientists and researchers. You can use use it to share, discover, and discuss research. You can connect to the registered researchers to communicate, invite to projects, ask for a review, or request full texts of their research. They have a great forum where you can post professional questions and receive answers and comments. They also have a jobs section and other useful resources. They assign a score to every registered researcher (based on indicators such as number of publications, questions and answers in the forum) and they build you a personal page as your academic profile.

  • ORCID - orcid.org

    ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission, supports automated linkages between you and your professional activities ensuring that your work is recognized. Other research platforms may exchange data with your ORCID account and import your publication list.

  • EURAXESS - euraxess.ec.europa.eu

    EURAXESS is a pan-European initiative delivering information and support services to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union, it supports researcher mobility and career development. You can browse in different sections for jobs, research projects and research grants, by various filtering criteria. They have a wide section for information and assistance on working in research across Europe. They have a professional alerting system for your saved searches.

  • PhilJobs - philjobs.org

    PhilJobs is one of the websites from the cluster including also PhilPeople, PhilPapers, PhilEvens and PhilArchive, which are platforms  offering resources and a professional network for philosophers around the globe. The jobs platform lists jobs, research projects and research grants, by various filtering criteria, which include areas, fields and sub-fields of philosophy. Once registered you may access any platform and create your own philosopher's page with publications portfolio, share your research and communicate with other researchers. Their structure and features are similar to Researchgate, but restricted to the philosophical areas.

  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy - plato.stanford.edu

    SEP is the leading philosophical education resource on the web. Its entries are authored by reputed scholars in the field, peer-reviewed, and cover all major concepts, themes and topics across the areas of philosophy. It is the most professional collection of classical texts, updated with the newest research in each topic. Entries are revised on a regularly basis to incorporate the newest findings. Registered users may download the articles in a printable format.

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