• Contributions can be made for research projects, the magazine, or the press. Funded-research collaborations and most expert contributions are paid.

     You may contribute to a PhilScience open research project through an application with your CV and a research statement. Details can be viewed in the projects section.

     You may contribute to PhilScience Magazine as an author, with science-news articles, essays, interviews, or reviews. See details here.

     You may contribute to PhilScience Press as an expert (editor, reviewer, translator/proofreader, science journalist or interviewer) or author.  See details here.

     You may contribute to the PhilScience academic services we offer to third-parties, as an expert in linguistic services (for manuscripts), student-paper guidance, or writer. See details here.

     As a PhilScience member, you may contribute with your comments and ideas, which could give birth to a new project. Register as a member here.


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